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Los Angeles
Black Cushion

Kia Todd Talent Agency is excited to bring to you a SAG-Aftra franchised full-service talent agency that is located within the Los Angeles area.  We have a diversified team of experts, who pride themselves in being a part of a boutique business agency that have secured, without limitation, business for our clients in the field of commercial, event hosting film, print layout, social media, television, theater, and voice-over.  Our goal is to work with progressive and talented youth and adults in the entertainment business.  We strive to personally know our clients and we work hard to meet their career expectations.  We know what it takes to have our clients embark upon roles for which we believe will make them successful.  We’re not just another agency trying to get your business.  


We hear you when you speak.  We are passionate and trustworthy and would like to have you as a client.  Take a look at us!  You won’t be disappointed!

Kia Todd
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